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Will illi jewelry tarnish?

Tarnishing is a chemical change in the surface of a metal that darkens its color over time.The gold that illi uses will not tarnish. Golds of this high purity level will not change color because they have more pure, 24K gold and fewer added metals compared to lower karat gold jewelry. Metals that are usually added to the gold alloy are silver, copper, palladium, among others. They are added for various reasons. A jeweler may want to create colored golds (rose and white golds) or increase the durability of the piece. At illi, because we value our promise of delivering long-lasting jewelry that stores beauty and value, we only use authentic solid gold. This means that you will not worry about learning how to use anti-tarnish treatments!

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Do I *have* to clean illi jewelry?

No, you do not have to! Gold of the purity level illi uses will keep its shine and brilliance without any cleaning. Some jewelry aficionados love to clean their gold jewelry every couple of years. If you are one of them, then cleaning your illi jewelry does not get any simpler than the following: 

1. Immerse the pieces in room temperature water mixed with regular dishwashing soap (a teaspoon amount or less) for 1-2 minutes

2. Gently rub the jewelry with your fingers to clean it. Do not use toothbrushes or any abrasive materials. If your piece has Rhodium plating, you need to know that friction causes the plating to come off. So, the gentler you are, the longer the Rhodium plating will last.

3. Rinse the piece gently. The important thing in this step is to remove all the soap residue, and a good indicator is whether your rinsing water looks soapy or clear. Always be gentle even when rinsing so you don't damage the plating, if present, on your jewelry.

4. Place your jewelry on a soft towel or a microfiber cloth. The softer the towel the better, so if you have something made of Egyptian cotton, then use that. Gently pat the jewelry dry. Do not rub. Remember that gold and any plating may be scratched if you rub it against harsh surfaces or materials. Let the piece air dry overnight, if you could.

Materials you should avoid using on illi jewelry at all costs:

1. Harsh chemicals like bleach and acetone

2. Any abrasive surface or material

3. Toothbrushes and toothpaste

4. Polishing cloths for silver or gold

Is there anything else I need to know? 

Avoid exposing your illi jewelry to chlorine. While pure gold can withstand almost all chemicals, alloys mixed with gold cannot. Even with the high gold purity level of illi pieces, damage by exposure to chlorine may happen if such exposure is frequent. Chlorine is used in swimming pools, bleaching agents, and even tap water. Chlorine is widely used in our everyday lives. For optimal keep of your jewelry, we recommend that you remove your illi piece before you go swimming or wash the dishes.


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